Abuse Policy

Last Updated: March 31st, 2021

Emailable requires our users to collect, send to, and verify opt-in and deliverable addresses only. Emailable has a no-tolerance anti-spam policy. In an effort to prevent spam, we:

  • Accept and verify opt-in data only.
  • Have thorough systems in place (both automated and manual) to identify and flag data including harvested, scraped or generated lists.
  • Inform and educate our users of the dangers of sending spam messages.
  • Identify and remove users who we believe are in violation of our policies.

What kind of data violates our policies:

  • Addresses that are not opt-in, meaning that the recipient did not explicitly agree to receiving email from the sender. These include:
    • Purchased email lists
    • Harvested email lists
    • Scraped email lists
    • Generated email lists
    • Rented email addresses
    • Opt-out email addresses
  • We define spam as messages that are unsolicited and sent in bulk to users, clients, and prospects. We stand firmly against sending spam messages of any kind and the use of our system to facilitate sending spam messages.
  • Anything that is not in compliance with privacy or anti-spam laws, including the US CAN-SPAM Act, GDPR, and EU ePrivacy Directive.

How we educate our users:

  • Upon signing up, our users are required to agree to our anti-spam policy, which includes detailed information on non-opt-in-data that we consider to be in violation of our policies.
  • A part of our policy educates our users on sending spam emails, as well as a quiz for our users to take if they suspect they may be in violation of sending spam emails.
    • Are you in violation of our anti-spam policy? Click here to take our quiz.

How we identify abusers:

  • We use automatic filtering systems that detect and prevent the verification of all incoming data that could be considered abusive to or against our anti-spam policy.
  • Our development and customer support teams monitor user’s accounts and are trained to identify abusive behavior, including lists that contain non-opt-in-data. If our systems suspect a user is in violation of our abuse policy, their list will be marked as “Under Review” and will require deeper manual inspection prior to verifying.
  • We understand that our systems are not perfect, even as we combine our automated systems with manual tactics. If we fail to identify a list containing non-opt-in-data, we strive to use the experience to better our processes and improve.

If you find that you have been mislabeled in violation of our policies, or caught in our review process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Or, if you find that our systems have been inconsistent with our Anti-Spam policy or Privacy Policy, we want to know so we can fix it. Please reach out by emailing abuse@emailable.com so we can identify any potential abuse and take action.

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