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We’re a team of marketers and developers creating products that we actually want to use. Emailable was built because we understand that email verification is important. It shouldn’t be expensive and hard to manage. It should be an essential step in any email marketing strategy. We wanted a more affordable, faster, and user-friendly email verification solution for ourselves, so we built it for you.

  • 2017 Year Established
  • 5B Emails Verified
  • 100K Happy Customers
  • 4.8/5 Average rating

We are setting new standards and raising the bar for the email validation market.

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$20+ billion in sales opportunities are lost each year.

According to SendGrid, about 20% of emails never end up reaching their intended recipients, resulting in tens of billions of dollars in estimated revenue loss opportunities globally each year.

Trusted by 200,000+ businesses across 185+ countries

A global team creating global solutions.

We’re building platforms and products we would love to use. We are a robust and diverse team formed of curious and creative professionals who work towards a common goal: make email validation affordable and straightforward.

Headquartered in New York with offices in Miami, Los Angeles, and São Paulo, Emailable is a global team spread across Europe, South America, and Asia.

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Our Team

  • Headshot of Sean Heilweil

    Sean Heilweil

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Headshot of Jarrett Lusso

    Jarrett Lusso

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Headshot of Kristen Catalano

    Kristen Catalano

    Chief of Staff

  • Headshot of Dan Arnold

    Dan Arnold

    VP of Engineering

  • Headshot of Emi Rose

    Emi Rose

    VP of Operations

  • Headshot of Emily Jack

    Emily Jack

    VP of Customer Success

  • Headshot of Neil Cassidy

    Neil Cassidy

    VP of Sales

  • Headshot of Leana Yang

    Leana Yang

    VP of Marketing

  • Headshot of Raymond Lang

    Raymond Lang

    General Counsel

  • Headshot of Bernardo Rocha

    Bernardo Rocha

    Board Member

  • Headshot of Samuel McNeil

    Samuel McNeil

    Head of Email Deliverability

  • Headshot of Evan Berquist

    Evan Berquist

    Lead Software Engineer

  • Headshot of Nick Older

    Nick Older

    Front End Engineer

  • Headshot of Miguel Nogueira

    Miguel Nogueira

    Technical Customer Success Manager

  • Headshot of Anneliza Rocha

    Anneliza Rocha

    Customer Success Manager

  • Headshot of Samir Mohamed

    Samir Mohamed

    Customer Success Manager

  • Headshot of Dickson Gondim

    Dickson Gondim

    Account Executive

  • Headshot of Luis Ossa

    Luis Ossa

    Account Executive

  • Headshot of Megan Tyrrell

    Megan Tyrrell

    Executive Assistant

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